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Celebrity Beauty Secrets for Perfect Skin

Celebrity Beauty Secrets | Zendaya

Working in front of the camera has granted celebrities insider knowledge from the experts in the industry like makeup artists, hair stylists and fashion stylists. When it comes to achieving the perfect skin and being red carpet ready, we’ve curated our favourite celebrity beauty secrets that we can all apply to our own daily lives.


Skincare First, Makeup Second

The healthier and better your skin is, the more flawless any makeup you apply is going to look. When it comes to skincare, celebrities attribute consistency to maintaining a fresh face. When they aren’t in front of the camera, they wear as little makeup as possible to give their skin a break and stay out of the sun to minimise any damage. If you are heading out, make sure to wear sunscreen for protection.

Celebrity Beauty Secrets

When it comes to beauty secrets, it’s important to find what works for you. Although some products do gain popularity, they may not be suitable for your skin type. As well, be sure to adjust your skincare routine as your needs change. For example, in the summer, you may opt for a lighter moisturiser than you would in the wintertime.



Do you have trouble with clogged pores and breakouts? Just like the rest of us, celebrities often deal with skin impurities. To get things under control and looking clear, many celebrities attribute exfoliation to their smooth skin. Exfoliation helps increase cell turnover and unclogs your pores which have both the benefit of reducing breakouts as well as allowing the products you use to penetrate deeper into your skin for improved effectiveness. If you have sensitive skin, make sure to only exfoliate once or twice per week as too much exfoliation can irritate your skin initially.

Celebrity Beauty Secrets


Holistic Skincare Approach 

Along with beauty products, celebrity beauty secrets include a holistic approach to skincare with a healthy diet and lifestyle. It may sound obvious, but many celebrities credit their hydrated and plump skin to drinking lots of water and getting enough and high-quality sleep. When it comes to your diet, eating as healthily as possible and determining which foods tend to aggravate your skin is key. We highly recommend eating leafy greens like spinach as it’s loaded with zinc which helps to fight inflammation which causes acne, along with minimising skin stressors like sugar.

Celebrity Beauty Secrets | Green Smoothie


And some of our favourite advice, minimising stress! If you notice that your skin is looking a little lacklustre or you have more breakouts than usual, make sure to treat yourself to a spa day or a long bath, sometimes we just need some tender loving care.

Celebrity Beauty Secrets | Lily Rose Depp


We hope you’ve found these celebrity beauty secrets useful and incorporate them into your own skincare and beauty routine. 

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